What is Tie Rod?

  There are many technical parts in vehicles. One of them is known as Tie Rod. This device has an important place in determining the direction the vehicle is moving. This mechanical part allows the wheels to turn in the same direction when the steering wheel is turned. For this reason, the Tie Rod, which has a very important place, provides a balanced and safe driving. Therefore, if there is a malfunction, it is very important that it be replaced immediately. The tie rod may malfunction in some cases. The biggest reason for this is that the mechanical part can show wear over time. Tie rod is known to cause oxidation as a result of contact with air and liquid. In these cases, the tie rod must be replaced by going to the technical service. How to Identify Tie Rod Failure? It can be easily understood that the tie rod is broken. One way to understand this fault is that the steering wheel play increases when you move the steering wheel slightly. Although there are other reaso